The African Association for Vertical Farming is an active non-profit organization. Its members will come from smallholding urban farmers, small, medium to large companies and individuals.

Our goal is to be able to facilitate information flow, industry expertise and education by attending various events or conferences while connecting people with the same mindset to work together.

AAVF Member Benefits


It is our belief that a professionally-organized, multinational association will lead the way forward for the urban agriculture industry in Africa. We will provide the platform, you provide us with your wisdom and experience!


As an active member of the AAVF, you will help change government and public perception regarding urban agriculture. Our ultimate goal is to urge governments to embrace UA and incentivize its growth. 


We use crowd wisdom to increase coordination and collective action within the urban agriculture industry. By joining, you can shape the industry to your specific business needs. 


  • Access to industry expertise and education

  • Project Development services (Link)

  • Free and unlimited access to e-learning platform (Link)

  • Meet new customers and access new markets 

  • Marketing and promoting services through our social media channels, newsletters and events

  • Exclusive discounts on events

  • Receive AAVF Media including the Members-only Newsletter

  • AAVF Member tours

  • Recruiting and career platform 
    Industry networking among business partners and service providers

  • Access to forthcoming African Sustainability Registry Network


Furthermore, the AAVF is a fully-paying member of the existing Association for Vertical Farming, meaning you will be a part of a global network of professionals in the urban agriculture world.  

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