ROOF TOP FARM February 10, 2020, NYC

The AAVF President Mrs. Josephine Favre Visiting New York City indoor hydroponic farm.


Urban Farm Lab where various plants are grown by using #VerticalFarming methods known as #Hydroponics in shelves using very little space. Dozens of rare plant varieties, most of which are never available fresh in New York City or other big cities.


Josephine Favre is learning about the science of how plants thrive in completely-controlled conditions, experiencing new flavors, and discovering new ways of thinking about culinary and medicinal plants.


The only way to share knowledge is to first learn the different Agriculture methods used in other continents.


Josephine spends 10% of her time traveling the world to learn new #Agriculture #Science & #Technology methods to contribute to Africa’s food insecurities by promoting and facilitating Vertical Farming solutions in Africa for socio-economic sustainable development.

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#MyMoringa discussion got the Vibes in New York City! #verticalfarming #aavf #Foodscience #agriculture The 🌱 Training at Farm Lab was excellent. I learned so much and my plant vocabulary got a bigger portfolio now! Thanking 🌱Joseph (JC) Chidiac, MSc🌿 for introducing me to Henry Gordon-Smith who then introduced me to Farm Lab. The Vertical Farming Family worldwide really Rocks! 🙏🏽 Now, here is a good one


Veronica Shangali, Remember our Moringa discussion with AAVF South Africa? Well, I managed to pull out the whole Moringa act in the Lab, this is because they had a Bonsei Moringa 🌳. I told them, we grow hectares of those in Africa! With bigger leaves. They were like 😳 The healing & healthy benefits of the Moringa plant are dozens. Thus, knowledge exchange was on the menu!


Can’t get enough of Food & Plant Science. Awesome!


More to this, look at the Science & Technology week. Great knowledgeable people!