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The future of agriculture plays a significant role in the vision of a Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) in Africa.

Since Technology and Agriculture are rapidly becoming the norm within the African space, bringing in more and more tech savvy youth developing Agriculture applications, drone technologies and other AI mechanisms. The Youth of Africa are pushing agriculture into the Next Industrial Revolution. “DIGITAL”.

The African Association for Vertical Farming (AAVF) brings in Modern Agriculture Strategies,Trainings and Capacity building for the Youth of Africa.


This means creating awareness on food production, working on food systems using Technology in Agriculture to overcome the constant dialogues on hunger and poverty in the continent.


So how do we involve the Youth of Africa in this Journey?


We are at a strategically important time for the agri-industry in Africa. 


We need to collaborate with each other to bring improved productivity to feed the population.


The AAVF's vision is to improve food security and provide a platform for economic empowerment, especially for youth and women of Africa.


The AAVF focuses in training the youth of Africa on Smart Farming Technologies that are « Made in Africa » to reach this objective. 


Data & Measurement on progress & success is provided within a given time. Todate over 5000 Youth and Women have been empowered through our Trainings & Capacity Building methods.

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