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Cooperative Initiatives through Smart Agriculture


As an Association, AAVF is revitalising Africa's Farming Industry and transforming lives through Climate Smart agriculture practices.

Our Mission:

To establish cooperatives involving Women and Youth where Smart Agriculture Trainings are taught and enhanced along the entire value chain, creating jobs that will develop strong sustainable agricultural economies in Africa.

 Current challenges:

  • Underperforming agriculture sector

  • Lack of agricultural know-how, and access to finance.

  • Farmers’ inefficiency due to land deformation (soil nutrient loss).and old farming practises.


  • Agriculture education very theoretical, lack exposure to practical environments, hence not capacitating local youth and Women with entrepreneurial skills.



  • To develop true ‘social innovation’

  • Form Cooperatives with local land-owners to capacitate them and make Land Reform an economic success.

  • Introduce these Cooperatives to sustainable modern agriculture practises such as vertical farming to optimise their produce.

  • Use these Cooperatives to educate and train local unemployed youth through a “Learn by Doing and Earning” methodology

Our Objectives:

Both AAVF & Partners seek to achieve:

  • Awareness – by making Smart Farming known and understandable by locals

  • Education – by ensuring knowledge transfer, both theoretical and practical, of Smart Farming to locals, especially the youth.

  • Sustainability – by achieving significant local buy-in and adoption of Smart Farming practises for competitive commercial production.

  • Local Economic Development – by producing business savvy Agripreneurs

  • Collaboration – by creating platforms where the community, government and corporate can work together to make Land Reform an economic success.

Target Beneficiaries:

• We have identified the Youth and Women of Africa to be our target beneficiaries.

Our Plan

What we have:

  • Land (In two communities)

  • National and International Industry Network

  • National Government and Community Network

  • Educational/Skills Partner

What we still need:

  • Funding/Investment Partners

  • Various options are being considered

  • Off-Take Partners

  • Other - to be negotiated at a later stage from the Industry Network


Our success is determined by our ability to:


  • Produce and Market quality products, and highly rated skilled workers that dominate the domestic and International markets.

  • Dominate the national agriculture sector with a good reputation and be valued as an important industry stakeholder.

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