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African Women's Forum Brussels 2019

From November 14 to 16, 2019, in Brussels, Belgium, at Hotel Le Plaza, dynamic discussions and engaging dialogues took place, centering on the crucial themes of African women and girls' education, access to employment, societal responsibilities, rural women empowerment, and the promotion of African women's entrepreneurship.

One of the pressing issues that deeply resonated with the African Association for Vertical Farming (AAVF) was the challenge of releasing finances for smallholding farmers. AAVF actively participated in advocating for and contributing to these pivotal discussions.

In collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), AAVF co-hosted the event "Promoting Rural Women in Africa: implementing fair and sustainable agriculture." This platform provided an opportunity for AAVF to showcase the intersection of agriculture and technology in addressing key challenges.

The Crans Montana - African Women's Forum serves as a platform to showcase the invaluable experiences of African women, which serve as models of empowerment not only for the youth but for the global community at large. The forum emphasizes the importance of comprehensive education for girls, effective support for women in accessing employment opportunities, and the promotion of female entrepreneurship within a framework of good governance.

During the panel session on "Promoting Rural Women in Africa: Implementing a Fair and Sustainable Agriculture," The qAAVF highlighted the significance of vertical farming as a sustainable approach to ensuring food security in regions where space, water, and environmental challenges hinder traditional agricultural practices.

This session underscored the importance of empowering rural women through sustainable agricultural practices and emphasized the vital role that women play in driving economic growth and societal development.

Thank you for the opportunity to contribute to these meaningful discussions and advocate for the advancement of women in agriculture and entrepreneurship.

The African Association for Vertical Farming (AAVF)

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