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African Association For Vertical Farming Youth Chama Initiative (AAVF-YCF) is a member-based platform of young agro-entrepreneurs aiming at improving the face of agriculture and food security in Africa through innovative practices. The core mandate of this forum is to advocate, represent and provide capacity building to its members, create discourses around emerging technologies in agribusiness space; solving problems related to food security through innovations while linking youths to different opportunities in the agriculture sector.


The following are the objectives of the AAVF-YCF:


To share emerging Opportunities for young agro-entrepreneurs in Africa.

Link to different projects and programs advertisements for awareness creation among youths in Agribusiness.

Boost rural income generation through the implementation of sustainable farming practices.

Improve livelihoods for youths and women in both urban and rural areas.

Innovate and incubate sustainable farming practices to leverage food security and alleviate hunger.

To amplify the voices of youths in tandem their innovations for the betterment of food security in Africa.


Are you ready to become part of this network? Please click on this Link!

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