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#BILYF2024 is an international conference, initiated by Africans and members of the African diaspora, with the goal of connecting African professionals from across Africa and around the world to share their knowledge with the youth of Africa for the continent's development.


Now in its second year, the conference took place in Congo Brazzaville, bringing together African and African diaspora communities and attracting brilliant minds from various industries that are shaping the present and future of Africa.


This initiative has drawn in numerous young African youths, offering them the opportunity to participate in workshops spanning different industries, receive mentorship from seasoned professionals, and access ongoing support as needed in the future.


The African Association for Vertical Farming (AAVF) was honored to take part in this impactful event, contributing to the development of Africa's youth by sharing insights on food innovation alongside like-minded African professionals and innovators. It was a humbling experience.


At AAVF, our humanitarian efforts are characterized by a unique approach. Our primary mission is to advocate for agricultural practices that enhance food security in African communities.


Often, African food systems face the imposition of external methods without a thorough understanding or consideration of their specific needs and cultural values. This can lead to the implementation of unsustainable food systems, irrespective of their financial implications.


Our humanitarian endeavors involve engaging with communities by consulting government officials and traditional rulers/chiefs to address the food security challenges they encounter. Through ongoing dialogue, we identify these challenges and collaborate with the communities to develop tailored plans.


These plans encompass sustainable food systems and viable business models aimed at boosting food production for local consumption while nurturing the Agripreneurs of tomorrow.


We actively involve youth in the development of these food systems, utilizing local resources to reduce dependence on costly imports and promote self-sufficiency within the community.


Our humanitarian assistance goes beyond addressing singular issues and encompasses a range of concerns, including food security, hunger and poverty alleviation, job creation, and addressing migration challenges.


Our approach to humanitarianism is unconventional, as we strive to empower communities to cultivate their sustainable agricultural practices and systems.


At AAVF, we are committed to building, teaching, and advocating for African Food Systems – all made in Africa, tailored to African needs.

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