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AAVF launch in Kenya - March 11-12, 2020

After a successful Launch held in Johannesburg, South Africa in April 2019, the AAVF hits it again on March 11-12, 2020 in Nairobi, Kenya by launching the association two days before the total conference ban due to the Covid19 virus.

The AAVF launch hosted by the University of Nairobi, College of Agriculture  was a total success. With caution and some last-minute scare for the entire team after several months of preparation, a milestone was once again reached.


The African Association for Vertical Farming (AAVF) was fully launched in Kenya. 

The AAVF’s vision is to improve food security while going beyond farm-level production to cover and unlock incomes along the entire value chain.

The AAVF provides a platform for economic empowerment, especially for youth and women. The AAVF works with Farmers and their communities to ensure that lucrative markets are established to promote farm produces to be healthy, climate, environmental and quality complaint.

AAVF was honored to be joined by various professional keynote speakers from the continent and in their respective fields who contributed to AAVF’s mission and vision statement to grow Africa's urban/rural agriculture capacity through greater industry collaboration.

Starting with Professor Rose Nyikal, Principal, College of Agriculture and Professor George Chemining’wa, Dean, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Nairobi, who full-heartedly welcomed the AAVF and its valued Stakeholders. Followed by Professor Dominic Mwenja, who humbly introduced Miramar International College and spoke about the plight of agriculture in the country.

1) Introduction & Role of the AAVF in supporting Africa's Agriculture Sector, Vision, Mission & Objectives of the AAVF was led by Mrs. Josephine Favre, President of the AAVF.

2) Introduction to Vertical Farming, Applications across the world by Mr. Samson Ogbole, PS Nutraceutical Int. LTD (PS Nutrac)     and AAVF Partner, Soilless Lab, Nigeria.

3) Vertical Farming in Africa; Opportunities for Transformation by Mrs. Veronica Aswani Shangali, Vice-President of the AAVF.

4) Climate & Environmental changes affecting Agriculture by Ms. Janet Nyamusi, Environmental and Climate Expert.

5) African Women in Agribusiness Network AWAN-AFRIKA, by Mrs. Beatrice Gakuba, Executive Director.

6) The future of Agriculture & Technology by Mrs. Vanessa Adams, VP Country Delivery, Leading the Partnership for Inclusive  Agricultural Transformation in Africa (AGRA). 

7) Innovative Volunteerism, EMPOWERING THE YOUTH, working with the Millenniums towards a healthier industrial revolution   for sustainable job creation, by Mrs. Josephine Favre, President AAVF

8) Vertical Farming with the Youth, by Mr. Peter Nyateng, Urban Farming Expert, AAVF Kenya Coordinator.

Further discussions led to the importance of industry coordination and how The African Association for Vertical Farming (AAVF) and Partners can best support farmers and their communities in their quest for sustainable food systems in Kenya and the rest of Africa.

The second day of the launch was concentrated on a visit to Miramar International College where a complete Vertical Farming tour was conducted and various Vertical Farming infrastructure and models were demonstrated and shown to the Stakeholders.

This did not only provide a good understanding of Vertical Farming solutions to those who had never seen a Vertical Farm before, but it clearly showed that one does not need to leave their community for prosperity.

The participants embraced the information they received. The understanding that Vertical Farming can produce high yield produce, healthier food for the community and it is resilient to all sorts of hurdles has been seen as a game-changer for their immediate decision into their future farming decision makings.

The collaboration between the AAVF and the already established Stakeholders in the continent was very successful since the founding of the Association. The Launch is an important step to lay the groundwork for projects including future events, pilot farms and the opening of Kenya's first Vertical Farming Youth Training Centre.

Together with its valued Partners, the AAVF looks very much forward to continuing to serve the continent!




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