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Events 2021/2022

The AAVF has taken a few steps further during the Covid19 Pandemic by concentrating on the designing, consulting, proposing and implementing food systems solutions for communities and families in Africa to immediately and sustainably be food secure. Focusing on advancing the growth of urban/rural agriculture while spreading awareness on sustainable approaches to developing modern practices through its humanitarian endeavors,

Understanding the real meaning of community engagement within these noble causes brings us closer to our mission than ever before.


We couldn’t be more proud of our contribution and the work done  behind.

2021/2022, two years where the AAVF could have sat back and waited to see what damage the Covid19 Pandemic might do to an emerging Association.

To our positive surprise, the two years were the years that the AAVF actively engaged in bringing food security discussions andsolutions together with great stakeholders and worldwide organizations in the agriculture industry.

Introducing Smart Farming is a way to securing food for communities and families in the continent, allowing them to become self sufficient thus eradicating hunger and Poverty UN SDGs 1-3.

Smart, Precision or Vertical Farming and the future of agriculture play a significant role in the vision of a Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) in Africa.

Since Technology and Agriculture are rapidly becoming the norm within the African space, bringing in more and more tech savvy youth that are  developing Agriculture applications, drone technologies and other AI mechanisms.


The Youth of Africa are pushing agriculture into the Next Industrial Revolution. “DIGITAL”.

We believe that the African Association for Vertical Farming (AAVF) brings in Modern Agriculture Strategies, Trainings and Capacity building for the Youth of Africa. This means creating awareness on food production, working on food systems using Technology in Agriculture to overcome the constant dialogues on hunger and poverty in the continent.

The AAVF plays a CATALYTIC role between the Governments, Private sector and the Youths of Africa, not only to bring in Smart Food Systems that are “Made in Africa”, but to open the door, to demonstrate /illustrate other Technologies that will create job opportunities allowing the Youth of Africa to be part of the Global Digital Economy. "Leaving no one behind".

Africa is primed to leapfrog modern Technology as the youth are very much awake and are understanding that they have been left behind for such a long time.


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