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Investments within the Agriculture space

Become an AAVF Investor. Work with us.


The AAVF experience include Consultation on the implementation of Controlled Environmental Agriculture (CEA) for  Agribusiness.


The AAVF supports its clients to bring new agricultural projects to realization by supporting to achieve performance improvements within existing agriculture projects in an environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable manner.

We welcome you to Invest in any of the AAVF projects below.


Our safe and secure consultations will direct you to Africa's sustainable development projects you can invest into, areas within the Agriculture space.


1. Technology

2. Research & Development

3. Renewable Energy

4. Education

5. New Markets for Farmers

6. Agriculture Cooperatives that are creating jobs and economically empowering the communities, raising the GDPs of the country.

and much more...

Let us use our Network opportunities to economically change lives.


Within the journey with us, you will be able to understand our passion, motivation, and belief on why Smart Agriculture is a step forward to providing a solution for food security in Africa while enhancing various skills in this industry, leaving no one behind.

For all inquieries, you can write directly to


We thank you for your contribution and support.


The AAVF Team

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