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The human factor encountered and the warm welcome in every community The AAVF visits is overwhelming. We have been spoilt by the hospitality and warm hearts of Africa and its humble citizens. We thank you!

We wish to take this moment to thank our direct and indirect Partners here mentioned for their unconditional support. Providing us with the space to express our good intentions to support Africa's growing population by implementing sustainable food support systems thus contributing to the United Nations SDGs put forward.

Food security is everyone's concern. Thus everyone can contribute, no matter how little.

Together with our partners, we wish that our people taste the value of the food they eat, straight from the garden to their plates. Our value proposition is to ‘Farm Locally and Eat Locally.

Thus, we are introducing methods that are environmentally friendly while training the communities on how to tackle the whole Agro value chain leading to job creation for the youth so as to insure agriculture sustainability & food security for every community.

We look forward to working closer to our Partners and your city or community in 2020. 


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