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Women & Girls in Science - February 2020, NYC, USA

The African Association for Vertical Farming (AAVF) is delighted to announce its participation in the Fifth International Day of Women and Girls in Science Assembly, hosted by the Royal Academy of Science International Trust (RASIT) and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, USA on February 11-12, 2020.

This esteemed event brought together a diverse range of stakeholders, including government officials, representatives of international organizations, private sector leaders, and advocates for women and girls in science from around the globe.

Distinguished speakers such as H.E. Mr António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations, and H.R.H. Princess Dr Nisreen El-Hashemite set the stage for discussions on promoting equality in science, technology, and innovation for inclusive green growth.

As the President of AAVF, Mrs. Josephine Favre contributed as a panelist to the high-level panel discussion on "Equality in Agricultural Science, Technology and Innovation for Inclusive Green Growth." This session focused on the role of women in agricultural technology, with notable speakers including Dr. Prativa Pandey and Professor Kwizera Chantal.

In her presentation, Mrs. Josephine Favre emphasized the importance of empowering African youth in science and technology to drive economic growth on the continent. AAVF advocates for the adoption of vertical farming technologies in Africa to meet the evolving demands of the modern era and address pressing challenges such as poverty, environmental degradation, and food security.

Through innovative education initiatives and collaborative partnerships, AAVF is dedicated to promoting sustainable vertical farming solutions in Africa to support socio-economic development. By leveraging technology and skills development, AAVF aims to unlock the potential of African youth and create a brighter future for the continent.

Thank you for the opportunity given to AAVF to contribute during this important dialogue on advancing women in science and technology.

The African Association for Vertical Farming (AAVF)

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