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My work is not a “walk in the park”. It’s a mixture of happiness, tears, loneliness and sometimes confusion with daily and long negotiations so that one life can be changed. In a world where I believe there is enough for everyone. 


My work started years back with a vision, that led to a mission, that is now “MY LIFE PURPOSE”. 


Through this “LIFE PURPOSE”, many lives have been saved and changed, many still need to be saved and changed. 


As our climate continues to change, food production is being hit hard in rural communities of Africa. Leaving families completely helpless. 


Unfortunately, most of these families are not on the agendas of the « Elite ». 


Thus, I continue fighting for solutions on how to tackle food systems in vulnerable communities of Africa, so that the next generation does not have to battle to obtain the minimum existence of their food rights.


African Food systems have to be re-thought, re-designed and implemented to fit African needs so to economically empower communities to create their own food baskets. 


The road is long, with long working hours. It is however doable. 


No matter how difficult it may sound, through this beautiful mission, I have met extraordinary people that make the journey worthwhile. 


Thanking everyone that has played, is playing the role to insure that “No Child in Africa goes to bed Hungry”. 


A Food secure Africa worth the tears and sleepless nights for me! THANK YOU! 


Your contribution to our vision, mission and purpose is more needed now then ever! 


Your Donation will be appreciated.


Yours Truly, 


Josephine Favre

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